FellowshipOne API Documentation

The Fellowship One REST API is a REST-based web application that uses several open protocols and patterns to provide consumers access to secure resources.

STANDARDS, PROTOCOLS, and PATTERNS - nothing else. As developers we see where there is major value in sticking with something that is "tried and true". If we could use web-based patterns and protocols for a web-based API, we could not only get instant adoption, but gain the efficiencies and effectiveness of technologies that "just work".

This next generation of API is, oddly, based on foundations that have been in place for years. We chose MVC as the application architecture, OAUTH protocol for authentication, REST and HTTP 1.1 as the transport. This API should give web developers a tool where all they have to think about is what to do with the resources. Navigate the API documentation using the links above.

To request a key for staging, production, or access to an additional Realm, click here.