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Include Requirements & Contribution Sub Types

Posted By: Tracy Mazelin

We’ve been busy adding functionality to our REST API and wanted to let you know about a few updates that are currently in production on the People and Giving realms:


It’s now possible to pass an additional include attribute to the people search method. You can use include=requirements to get a list of people with their individual requirements. You must pass a custom content type in the header for this to work. For example:

[GET] https://demo.fellowshiponeapi.com/v1/People/Search?searchFor=smith&include=requirements
Content-Type: application/vnd.fellowshiponeapi.com.people.people.v2+json

This will return a paged set of people records with their individual requirements.

Contribution Sub Types

We’ve added a new resource to the giving realm of the API: contribution sub types with list and show methods. It has always been possible to designate a contribution sub type as part of a contribution receipt. However, until this release, it was not possible to query the API to retrieve a list of contribution sub types. Now it is:

[GET] https://demo.fellowshiponeapi.com/giving/v1/contributiontypes/4/contributionsubtypes.json

Will return:

		"name":"Stocks or Bonds"

The contribution sub type id can be used when creating a contribution receipt. The documentation for this functionality is available here:


Let us know if there are any API resources that you need to help you leverage Fellowship One to a greater capacity.



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