Since we are community focused, we wanted you to have as much code and information that you'd need to get jump started for the REST API so that you'll be able to discuss / communicate your ideas on consuming the REST API throughout the social-sphere. Please take a moment to check out the goodies below - the whole dev team really "kicked out the ladder" so that we could give you real world, ministry focused code.



We’ve developed a “Needs board” application that allows church members (anyone with a WebLink login) to post needs and search needs to minister to each other. There is a tremendous need for a technical tool that can direct member’s willingness to serve to the valid needs of others. While several tools have attempted to provide this functionality, none have taken advantage of the tried-and-true community self-monitoring patterns established by services such as ebay. We’ve implemented a double opt-in system - the need submitter has to “Accept” a helper’s willingness to help, and the helper has to then “Commit”. Both the submitter and the committed helpers can then rate each other to curb service abuses once the need has been met or the due date expired. It completely leverages WebLink logins for authentication, and it contains a fully functional user profile editor.

Type: 3rd Party

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