User Case Story from Hope Community Church

Posted By: Tracy Mazelin on October 28, 2013

Today we are featuring a user case story submitted by Todd Darling of Hope Community Church in Raleigh, NC.  Todd has developed a creative solution which utilizes our API to enhance their student check in experience.  Check out the video and post outlining exactly how they are doing this.  Many thanks to Todd and the technology team at Hope Community Church for the work they put into sharing this with our developer community.  Enjoy!

Guest Author: Todd Darling, Web Developer
Hope Community Church in Raleigh, NC

For our middle and high school student ministries on the weekend, the students check themselves in, most of the time without a parent. During our midweek middle school service—which often has 300+ middle schoolers—a lot of students bring friends whose families don’t even go to Hope (which is AWESOME!)


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Group Search Categories and More

Posted By: Tracy Mazelin on October 21, 2013

We have released two updates to our Groups Realm.  The first is a new resource for retrieving Group Search Categories.  It is now possible to pull group category IDs via the API and pass the “categoryID” as a search parameter on a group search.  This will allow those who have built their own custom user interface for interacting with small groups to match the search categories on their website, with what they have defined within portal!  Check out the documentation here:

In addition, we added a node to a group resource called “isLocationPrivate”.  If the location of a small group is set to private within Fellowship One, it is now possible to pull that data back via the API.  The node is optional and will not break any existing implementations for retrieving and creating groups.  Consume away!

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Account Creation

Posted By: Tracy Mazelin on August 7, 2013

We are excited to announce the release of new functionality within our REST API—the ability to create inFellowship user accounts!  This highly requested feature will allow developers within our developer community the ability to create a seamless user experience when integrating with our API.  Examples of where we expect this to be consumed the most would be within church websites and custom built church applications.  Our 3rd party vendors may benefit from this enhancement also.

Here are the steps to consume it:

Request an empty model of this resource by calling:



 { "account":{ "firstName":null, "lastName":null, "email":null, "urlRedirect":null } } 

The firstName, lastName, email fields are self-explanatory.  The urlRedirect is the call back address that you would like your website/app user to be sent to after the inFellowship account is created and activated.

For example:

[POST] REQUEST BODY: { "account":{ "firstName":Tracy, "lastName":Mazelin, "email":””,…

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