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Who We Are

Product Development Team

We are acclaimed designers, published writers, and conference speakers. We are also impeccable coders and inventive problem solvers. We believe in scalability, achieved through modular design patterns and object oriented techniques. We value team accomplishment over individual heroism.

We use a mixture of Macs and PCs, affirming that quality work is more about the developer than the tools. We utilize Scrum in project management, and are proponents of test driven development.

View our design patterns + code standards.

Who You Are

Developer Extraordinaire

You are passionate about your work, and are opinionated about what it means to write good code. You are comfortable in a number of languages, particularly C# and HTML5. You make use of development frameworks, but can wield them as tools, not use them as a crutch.

You’re familiar with various platforms, such as IIS and Apache, and are obsessed with tweaking applications to yield the most performance. You have dabbled in PHP, .NET MVC, or Rails.

Bonus points if you are sick of IE6.

Our Culture

Motivated, Yet Informal

Generally, our staff wear jeans and t-shirts to work each day. Most have a work schedule with the flexibility to accommodate personal needs. A lounge is provided to decompress or play a game of foosball. Despite our relaxed atmosphere, we maintain a highly professional environment.

We respect every individual, take pride in our offices and our work, and we are always focused on the end result - great products and services for the church. Each meeting begins with prayer.

You can read more about us here.

To apply, see the official job description — If you’re interested, we’d love to talk to you.

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