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Best way to use API to review account/routing association with individual/household id
Posted: 26 December 2011 03:06 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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As we have been using the giving portions of F1, we have found the need to review our entries. One of the items we feel we need to review is the association between accounts/routing to household/individual ids. By this, I mean what I see conceptually as the table used in F1 to do this matching which we would have originally communicated to F1 by the giving/contributions/unmatched tab in the F1 portal.

Today, we have an API that uses CSV reports available from the report facility to filter on entries over a particular date range and display the latest or all ACH or check images associated with a household or individual depending on some filters. But, the basic knowledge we extract from these reports is an association between account/routing to household/individual ids for a range of receipts.

I’m not sure of the exact scheme used in F1 to manage this, but I assume the starting point is available with what are the accounts pieces of the giving API http://developer.fellowshipone.com/docs/giving/v1/Accounts.help#search

Assuming this to be the case (we’d need to try out or have some explanation), having access to the Account Search method would greatly simplify our process; we would be able to do the auditing using just API calls without having to run and parse CSV reports.

Could availability of this method be considered for use by 2nd party consumer keys so that it could be used by applications written outside of Fellowship One development? Or is there an alternate way to efficiently achieve this sort of functionality -e.g. reviewing account/routing association with individual/households?


Gary Peterson