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Has anyone had a good experience attempting to connect F1 and Mail Chimp? 0 9 Benjer
Appears new person created through People API is adding 1 day to the DOB 1 42 Bill Morrison
Possible to create F1 contact from website form? 1 24 DougC
Posting Attendance for Groups 2 84 Ruben Cardenas
Getting 405 HTTP error on UPDATE/PUT for Contribution Receipts 1 78 tbrooks
Enabling www.itduzzit.com API 3 96 Bill Morrison
Invalid auth/bad request issue 2 239 Kee
Support for CORS? 1 195 djkozora
Getting "400: Bad Request. The ’generalType’ attribute is not declared." when creating a new communication 1 1701 dhenderson
400 while trying to create a new household? 1 230 dhenderson
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People Search Returning Blank String 21 6715 JeffHeck
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Contribution Create 13 1373 weshays
Updating a groups description 12 2536 Ryan.Dawkins
getting authorize screen 11 3695 Isaac Castillo
infellowship login creation & the REST api 11 5185 gonger
Single Sign On Trouble (Staging) 9 1432 Shane Reed
I’ve got a sandbox but no key 7 2042 matt.meisberger
API Not Returning Token or Secret 7 2730 mcmonty
Do you have a crossdomain.xml file available on the servers supporting the API calls? 6 33988 Bruce Armstrong
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