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Posted By: Nick Floyd

This Wednesday, January 20 we will be pushing a few updates to the REST API to production. We are excited about continuing to add new features to the API and possibly even more exciting is the fact that all of these updates came from the input of the community! Here is what you asked for and will see in just a few short days…

  1. More features when searching on lastUpdatedDate
  2. The ability to search on lastUpdatedDate has been around for a while, but it only looked at the basic people information to see if they were updated. Now when you search on lastUpdatedDate, if a communication or address was updated, that individual or household will come back in your results. To give you a little more detail, here is the user story and acceptance criteria we used when making this update.
    User story:
    • As a consumer I need to be able to search using lastUpdatedDate and it be applied to people, addresses and communications so that I can pull back all people who were updated during a certain time

    Acceptance criteria:

    • If a household address and/or communication is upadated and/or created, all individuals in that household will be returned.
    • If an individual address and/or communication is updated and/or created, then the individual will be returned.
    • If a household is created then all individuals in that household will be returned.
    • If an individual is updated and/or created then the individual will be returned.

  3. People Search by ID update
  4. This adds the option to do a people search by an array of IDs.
    User Story:

    • As a consumer I need the ability to pas in an array of people IDs into people search so that I can pull back a list of known people.

    Acceptance criteria:

    • Search using: people/search?id=1456,3925,7190,2485

  5. Church Code Update
  6. This frees up the church code so that it is not case sensitive.
    User Story:

    • As an API consumer I need to be able to use lower & upper case church codes in the API so that I do not get errors due to church code case.

    Acceptance criteria:

    • Church codes can be any mix of case.

As always, you can access the complete documentation by appending “help” as the format of your API call. For example, if you want information on the People Search feature use https://yourchurchcode.staging.fellowshiponeapi.com/V1/People/Search.help

We are excited about these updates and excited to see what kind of awesome tools you make with these updates! If you want to get your hands on these updates right now, they just showed up in the sandbox environment, so you can begin using them in there until they are in production on Wednesday.

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