REST API Enhancements / Fixes deployed to Sandbox and Production 09.09.09

Posted By: Nick Floyd

The following enhancements and fixes have been deployed to the Sandbox and Production environments:

#918 (Sifter) Add Address / Communication Collection results to people search results
Notes: Now when using the include parameter in People/Search all addresses and communications returned will match data with what is returned when calling People/{id}/Addresses and People/{id}/Communications respectively.
Supporting docs

Ex: people/search?searchfor=fl,ni&include=addresses, communications

#853 (Sifter) Add new search parameter to People search: BarCode
Notes: Consumers can now do a people search by barcode
Supporting docs

Ex: people/search?barcode=12341234

#1037 (Sifter) Returning a 403 instead of oa 400 when churches do not have the association
Supporting docs

These changes will not cause consumer interface contract breakage unless the consumer was checking for status code 400 when consuming the API using a church that had no association to that key (see supporting docs for more information).  The change more closely enforces the guidelines presented in the RFC2616 specification.

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