Quick people API realm update

Posted By: Nick Floyd

One of our consumers was nice enough to let us know about an “undocumented feature.”  Normally with bug fixes and small enhancements we’d just deliver the changes and let the docs tell the story, however, this change is around a more sensitive area and wanted to make sure that everyone knew about it.

The change is to Creates and Updates of the people resource on status/comment.

Prior to the change if you either

[POST] https://churchcode.fellowshiponeapi.com/v1/people + a payload with a value for status/comment


[PUT] https://churchcode.fellowshiponeapi.com/v1/people/[id] + a payload with a value for status/comment

The value for the “comment” node would not “create” or “update.”

This has been fixed to now do what you might expect it to do in your sand box environment and we are planning on pushing the change to production tomorrow. If you have a chance please go check it out and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  Happy consuming!

Nick Floyd is an Architect for Fellowship Technologies.  Currently he is focused on improving, designing, and building the architecture around the Fellowship One platform.  He likes learning about new technologies and languages (the obscure and the vanilla) as well as learning about new trends and practices around getting really good software from development to the users, fast.  He is passionate about software development and helping other developers.

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