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Posted By: Coly Gutekunst

Who we are…

The quality assurance team is an integral part of the product development team here at Fellowship Technologies. Each of our Scrum teams has a dedicated quality assurance analyst who is responsible for testing the product and ensuring it meets the acceptance criteria defined in each story for new features. The testing is a combination of manual and automated testing.  Please meet the QA scrum team members:

Matthew Sneeden joined the Quality Assurance team at Fellowship Technologies in the summer in 2009.  A Computer Engineering graduate from Milwaukee School of Engineering, Matthew has worked in Software Quality Assurance since early 2006.  His specialty is creating automated test suites from the ground up for both client and web applications.  At FT, his main duties include supporting one of our Scrum teams, as well as maintaining and improving our suite of automated tests.  He is passionate about the user experience, application workflow and consistency, and improving the overall QA process

Bryan Mikaelian graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering in 2008.  Bryan started out in QA as an intern at the Beck Group in Dallas, Texas writing tests for windows applications using HPs QuickTest Professional.  After his internship ended, Bryan joined Fellowship Technologies in August of 2009 and began focusing on testing FTs web applications using the open-source tool Selenium.  He has also written and maintains automated tests for the iPhone app, F1Touch. Bryans current focus and enjoyment is on all ministry functionality within Fellowship One, with his area of expertise being in the small group side. He drives himself to help improve the applications usability and consistency, in addition to maintaining and expanding the testing suites

What we do…

Our in-sprint testing consists of both manual and automated testing.  Manual test cases are written and maintained in Zephyr.  Zephyr provides us end-to-end management - from test case creation to execution.  A dashboard provides all aspects of reporting and metrics in real-time.  We feel that automated testing is the key to success for testing within Sprints.  Currently we use the following tools :

Microsoft Visual Studio

The Fellowship One REST API is a REST-based web application that uses several open protocols and patterns to provide consumers access to secure resources.  Using Visual Studio we have created a suite of automated unit and functional test cases written in C#.  Visual Studio is also used in the creation of test cases for Selenium, another tool utilized by FT for Quality Assurance.

UI Spec

UI Spec is an open source tool that supports iPhone Application GUI testing.  Fellowship Technologies created an iPhone application (F1Touch) that supports People search, addresses, contacts and maps.


Selenium is an open source automated testing tool for web applications.  It supports multiple browsers and supports the creation of tests in a number of different languages.  FTs implementation in C# allows for tests to be created within Visual Studio simplifying interaction with other FT projects as well as taking advantage of source control using Team Foundation Server (TFS).  Using Selenium, we have automated regression test cases for Portal and InFellowship.  We also use Selenium to automate new features within a sprint where applicable.

Coly Gutekunst is the Director of Quality Management for Fellowship Technologies.  She has been with Fellowship Tech since March of 2009.  She is focused on building a QA team who are dedicated and focused on delivering quality products and improving processes.

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