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Posted By: Tracy Mazelin

Enhanced Functionality without breaking Compatibility

We’re excited to announce a few changes coming to the API! If you have been following along with the Community Blog, you will be aware of the initiative to streamline communication values. If not take a look at the posts here and here. It follows that these changes will be reflected through the API also.  As part of this effort, the "listed" functionality around each communication resource will soon be discontinued as well as the node being removed. Instead, we will be adding a new node to the people resource called "unsubscribed".

Currently, the "listed" node is returned with each communication resource as follows:



... "communicationType":{ "@id":"1", "@uri":"", "name":"Home Phone" }, "communicationGeneralType":"Telephone", "communicationValue":"214-759-2756", "searchCommunicationValue":"2147592756", "listed":"true", "communicationComment":null, "createdDate":"2005-01-20T01:04:55", "lastUpdatedDate":"2005-01-20T01:04:55" ... 

In 30-45 days, this node will be removed. If you are using the API to retrieve…

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