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Enter Visitor Data via Your Church Website

Posted By: Tracy Mazelin

Possibilities For Ministry Use

  • Capture contact information dynamically during a worship service instead of using visitor cards
  • Allow volunteers to enter simple data into Fellowship One through your church website
  • Setup a kiosk where visitors can enter their own contact information

The Code
The following is the PHP code used to process the form entries and write the data into Fellowship One through the API.  This example uses the PHP Helper Class, ‘FellowshipOne.php’ contributed by a member of our developer community, Daniel Boorn.  A few methods were added to the helper class and you will find a link to all the source code below this code example.  Please feel free to use and adapt this as necessary.  If you don’t already have an API key, you can apply for one here:

 <?php require('FellowshipOne.php'); $settings = array(…

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Fellowship One & Planning Center Online

Posted By: Tracy Mazelin

How to Fork, Host, Deploy and Contribute to this open source project

It is now possible to sync your Fellowship One people demographic data to your Planning Center Online Account via an open source application that utilizes both the Fellowship One API and the Planning Center Online API.  This blog post is going to walk you through the process of setting up and hosting this application.

What you will need:

  An account on github (free)
  An account on a fully hosted .NET platform as a service such as AppHarbor (free)
  Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (free)
  Consumer Key and Secret from F1 (apply here)
  Consumer Key and Secret from Planning Center (apply here)

Step 1: Fork the Repo and make a local clone
In order to contribute to another developers project or use their project as a starting…

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