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Posted By: Nick Floyd

Fellowship Technologies strives to give back to the community at every turn. As such, most of our employees are involved in some form or fashion in the community in which their job pertains. Lance Dacy is the founder/organizer of the DFW Scrum User Group (recognized by the Scrum Alliance). DFW Scrum is focused on building a community of Scrum users to ensure all roles in the Scrum framework are represented and understood within the context of the barriers or struggles that some organizations face when implementing Scrum. They serve as a sounding board for new ideas or issues we all face when trying to be better today than we were yesterday. You can find out more at or follow them on Twitter.

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How to get started using the REST API

Posted By: Jas Singh

What’s the process of getting onto using the REST API?

First of all, a request is submitted for a Key.

Applications developed using the REST API are divided into 3 categories: 1st party, 2nd party and 3rd party applications. 1st Party applications are written and made public by Fellowship Technologies. 2nd Party applications are written and made private by the Consumer and used by the Consumer’s (or Tenant’s) Users - They will be marked as Private. 3rd Party Consumer Applications are written and made public for consumption across Tenants. They will be marked as Public.

When the request is submitted, it goes through an approval process at Fellowship Technologies. If the request is approved, a Consumer Key and Secret is provided for the consumer application to use.

To begin accessing data using the API, the consumer application has to obtain an Access Token and Secret. You can read…

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