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RESTful Thoughts - Planned response status codes for the upcoming RESTful API

Posted By: Nick Floyd on January 28, 2009

In the interest of honoring standards here is the response status code map for the upcoming Fellowship One RESTful API.  Please comment / ask questions / make suggestions.

Many decisions made for this map came from RFC2616, Fielding’s dissertation, and analysis of several dozen RESTful or REST “like” APIs currently on the programmable web.

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Web dev - Back to the basics

Posted By: Nick Floyd on January 27, 2009

Some of the most important aspects of creating web based API, or any web based application is messaging and behavior - user experience.  Back in 1999 when the HTTP 1.1 protocol was defined and the HTML 4.0.1 spec was released the web began to get more lively.

People stopped using World Wide Web and AOL interchangeably and we all jumped in our web dev boots, and rushed to inflate the bubble that would burst only a few years later.

courtesy of: Dana Summers, The Orlando Sentinel

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