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RESTful thoughts - versioning

Posted By: Nick Floyd on November 29, 2008

I’ve done a lot of thinking on versioning for an API I’ve been working on. I feel that the mystical nature of API versions should not be the last consideration of an API implementation - why do that to yourself; why do that to your customers?

So how does one approach versioning for the “Programmable Web?” What do your users do when they come to a fork in road?

Approach it using basic considerations of any API architecture (not holding true to Zachman’s approach - we’ll handle the where, when, and why some other day).

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Drowning in Debt

Posted By: Nick Floyd on November 12, 2008

In Development at Fellowship Tech, one thing we’ve been working on is an automated build pipeline.  This allows us to build our software and deploy it to our environments with no human intervention.  The complete automation of our builds and deployments is called a deployment pipeline or build pipeline.  It’s called a pipeline because once the build is inserted into the pipeline, a set of mostly automated process act upon it and pending the passing/approval of the results of that process it moves on to the next stage.  Let’s examine the stages of the build process.

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