A REST API double shot : Groups and Events realms

Posted By: Nick Floyd

We’re back again to bring you two new realms for accessing your data via FellowshipOne.  The Groups Realm and the Events Realm are the two newest members of our API family!  The Groups Realm opens up access to Fellowship One’s Groups 2.0 features and allows churches and vendors to create new Groups 2.0 capabilities or integrate with other solutions.  The Events Realm provides access to a primary event that can be associated with a Group within the Groups Realm.

Note:  The Events Realm does not at this time provide access to Fellowship One Activities, Check-in, or Event Registration.

Groups resources





DateRange Types


Marital Statuses


Events resources




Recurrence Types

Join me in welcoming these new APIs by consuming them!  As always let us know what you’re doing with the API realms via twitter or forum.  Please note that if you have existing API keys those keys will need to be activated for the new realms via your request.  Simply submit a key request noting in the details field that you are upgrading an existing key and then choose what realms you wan to add to it.

Nick Floyd is an Architect for Fellowship Technologies (part of Active Network).  Currently he is focused on improving, designing, and building the architecture around the Fellowship One platform.  He likes learning about new technologies and languages (the obscure and the vanilla) as well as learning about new trends and practices around getting really good software from development to the users, fast.  He is passionate about software development and helping other developers.

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